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39.37 x 31.50 in
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Net Art/Digital Art
19.69 x 27.56 in
Net Art/Digital Art
19.69 x 27.56 in
Net Art/Digital Art
19.69 x 27.56 in
Net Art/Digital Art
19.69 x 27.56 in
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Net Art/Digital Art
19.69 x 27.56 in
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Thanks to love, respect, patience and support of my loved and respected father and mother (Miguel F. C.  Corradini  and M. Martha R. N.  Cornejo Alvarez García.), I had the opportunity to study many disciplines of art, as the great stimulus of them helped me become what I think I am: A chameleon of a creative art-more, if I get tergopol, wood, tiring, cloth, never mind, I have no limits on subject material for expression.... to explain more about me ?.... Thanks

Whoever wants to know more, contact me and learn.

What you see, like it or not ... will or will not ... It is very simple to enjoy the arts and expressions in general ... The subject is encouraged to participate in the presence and go with the beauty that present each of the exhibitors, as well as have an open mind to engage in contact and After learning to understand the reason for each leadership, contrasts, shapes, style that each author has chosen as a means of communicating the message you want to convey.

GREETINGS AND MY COLLEAGUES WHO JUST LIKE ART ADVICE: - art is the expression of the soul of every workes life, when there is an expression must be felt from the soul ... not to criticize ... -The critic is a person who does not live or expressed, just looking to feel that criticism is still alive because he has no inner life- (sorry)-

Paint!, Drawing, sculpting, play music, write, fotografhing, dancing, singing, NEVER STOP SPEAKING .... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL TO SHARE.-
-Do not criticize... -Live a full and enjoy the beauties of life ... among them is ART ...

And healthy, are encouraged to run for the ART INTERNATIONAL CHARITY AUCTION -MADE IN THE WORLD- which will be informed in due time .-
[-]  should contact for information about it.

Best regards.

A poem to ponder for all .-



If you have a soul full of light,
impregnated with children in every corner
of a heart worthy of feeling,
with the virtue of life.

Just follow your path,
without thinking about shortcuts ....
they always will be present ...
Do not be afraid of stumbling,
is normal to encounter unwanted things,
It\\\'s part of life learning
... Every day ...
And if you live made mistakes,
I think it\\\'s time for repairs,
nobody is perfect,
but do not stay in mediocrity,
Always face yourself
in the mirror.-

Do not be afraid, and not to other topics ...

You will never be unprotected.
Universal laws always embrace
those who possess the divine spark.

As a teacher, and student at a time
I recommend this lesson to learn
and educational opportunities ...
Have Faith... and the answers will come to you....
Fear not  jealously keep your faith.
She is the force that will propel you always
you achieve your goals.
Some may be long ... medium or short ...
Never stop your creative impulses,
But:... you must eliminate your negative thoughts...
Those, who will cut the original path and own your own...
Never give them permission to dark feelings
that invade the inside.
Have Faith ... and the answers will come to you .-
Trust yourself for once in life ...
When you get your answers
 just smile at the sky
and thank the universes infinite love
always emanate from you
Feel your reflection in everything
that breathes and gives LIFE.
Have Faith ... - And the answers will come to you.

Roxana Corradini

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